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Related article: Date : Fri, 18 June 1999 PDT 06th 48th 14 From: Benedict XVI Subject: Brief Reports Benedict Pralle bulky Benedicts ", Chapter 4 limitation Disclaimer: this story is pure fiction and not intended for minors or those who are not judged by the law, this material to read. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional. Sorry for the delay in the movement, so it seems that the boys have been busy I hope you were not forgotten. Once you are an idiot euphoria to celebrate the successful conduct of Simon test Ben sat for an additional period of trying to study the turbulent. Later, in an hour n eat in response to the call of his mother, led by Ben stairs with his family. " Simon continued to study, Mom, let's celebrate below," said Ben at the entrance to the dining room. " Oh, great! "Thrilled his mother. " I bet he was thrilled that he has always loved n 'Cars " Yes, is on the moon," said Ben, " His mom and dad bought tickets \\ \\ n blur a concert, a week from tomorrow in the BIrmingham. You are invited to me! " No, Sunday, at the table with enthusiasm. " " " CoolOh, how kind of you, "said his mother, " of course you have to do better, so good them to think of you. I do not know how to handle the next two years , which are inseparable. " " Well, it's great Benedict XVI, I know, " said his father, entered the room of the The Kitchen", but do not forget your studies. This is an important year for , and seems to have recently experienced a great deal. " " Oh, Dad, you know you are, and I work hard, give me a break to come, "said Ben defense, knowing that his father was right. Not matter much. No n had not really gone, that was wild, but it sure as hell distracts in a lot lately. n "Oh, Peter, dear," said his mother, went to his father, "allowed him to raise and fun. You know you 're proud of him, and they also "the mother of his s indicates Domingo and Sarah. " Well, well, you win Mary, "his father said to his mother in the model capitulation, " provided that the cable is low, that's all. " " anyway, "said Ben was established in the table," will you and mom and Dom Sarah shopping on Saturday, so I think I'll have a good season of study in then. " " Yes, " shouted Ben 's sister, Sara, " New shoes for me, and perhaps a steps ` ' Sandra Teen Model CD too. " Yes, and I want all kinds of things too," said Dom, careful not to catch the eyes Ben. " Well, well, you win all surrender, what I do. Now we want to eat before the food comes Cold," the father of the house. While eating his stew, Ben thought of his younger brother. He had noticed Cathedral which had avoided because the credit is a pair n is just to test. He was now all that is asked, puzzled ? Ben felt sure that not even imagine the sexual tension that had been present in the room that night. You may be frightened, he thought. as , would have reacted at that age? It Sandra Teen Model could be worse, could have misread the situation, the feeling of swelling in his penis ass Ben horrified, surprised his brother. Well, it was through bedding, but he must have known, certainly has ? Ben was eager to signs that Don had said something, because one or both parents, but so far, o God, no evidence. " Oh, by the way, Mom," said Don was Sandra Teen Model chewing the chicken in the soup "when return on Saturday I can stay with Andy, please? " " No talk with your mouth full, remember that love, are your manners. What do you think he thinks Sandra Teen Model , Peter? "said Dom 's mother to ask her husband. " do not see why not," answered the boy's father : " We can not let Ben All the fun, Sandra Teen Model n yeah, sure, but remember to do all the work of tomorrow. young man of the night. " " no problem ! Thanks Dad, Mom ta " the cathedral beamed. " Ooh, that means I have to stay with Sally, then? " Sara tried to speak of her best friend. " Of course dear, " said the mother of Sarah, " the pair of you can help me bake for Cathedral on the grill. " " Fantastic ". "Sally loves to help," said Sarah The family attended a family fun - and grill on Sunday to go to afternoaddition, suppose a social event, which helped raise funds for the - The Explorer team on Sunday, and before Benedict belonged. Ms. Johnson cakes were a kind of local celebrity and event as this would be unthinkable without them. Interesting thoughts of Benedict suggested that his brother, buying new underwear on Saturday, then Andy O'Hara wanted to sleep in their best friend. Maybe I was right, but only 'out of place "so to speak, Ben thought. I can not say I blame fucking idea Ben, Andy O'Hara was a hot girl. Had an accident feet can come to us, all gangly Sandra Teen Model limbs and time seemed to tremble uncontrollably jerk, but he n it was sexy. Andy was placed at a recent growth spurt, and it seemed as if while the rest of his body was not trapped, however, was four inches is greater than at the Cathedral of 5'8 " and his voice was broken recently. Ben had no really thought much about him until Sandra Teen Model his last conversation with Don, but from therealized the boy was certainly hot, and he had found pull the other night to take pictures of Dom and Andy hard at the site Sandra Teen Model 69 Feeling cold sweat produced in him, to blame? Ben pushed the plate n and declared himself fully, not the family was grateful to see the erection the table. I have to really get to grips with myself about this Ben thought maybe after the show with Simon? Implicit was the youth s measurement of the pre -and post - Concert with Simon. It was expected that all s their hopes were disappointed not to be cruel. and not, without thinking, able to do - help yourself, Ben thought the concert as a beginning, a new life together with Simon, as well as in love, lucky today. The fact that to live, he would have to to deal with thoughts about his brother, and doubts that uncertainties persist, not to mind. That was what turned out life around, right? Damn, life was ! Ben was madly in love, their first andOnly love, only it was real and came around close yet. After finishing his meal, and helps clear the table to be moved Ben space to work pending the arrival Simons. He studied hard, with dinner at , at least helped his concentration and eventually approaches a a quarter to eight years, he rose from his desk to change. Ben decided to wash black jeans and a dark blue shirt 'Ben Sherman and was sliding his " Timberland" when he heard the bell n. Appeared in a few moments, he Simon was standing at his door, grinning from ear to ear the ear. He looked so sexy thoughts admire his love Ben forever. Simon was washed with success, triumph, and shone on his white shirt and cream Chinese. " I'm mom's car, we headed to the city," beamed Simon. "Oh be, I thought we celebrating? You are only able to have two " n said Ben. " do not worry about that. Only holding driving ranges. I doubt I could get much higher anyway. " " Yes, I understand," said Ben , smilingshakes his head : "You were always odd Come let's go see these skills see if you can not really well... " " Cheeky Bastard " laughed Simon "Even is half the way! " " that's because I'm a reasonable man, the young balanced, as my mother likes to say, ", said Ben. " Sure, the chip on both shoulders, " said Simon: " A pedestrian anyway driver worst nightmare," laughed Ben Simon hunt down the stairs " Cheeky Bastard ". " guys!" Ben's mother cried. "Sorry, Mom," cried Ben. Mother Ben left the kitchen to congratulate Simon and say that was going to call your parents and thank them for their generosity to Ben. with a warning not to stay too late or too drink to children out laughing and joking. They got into the car and started Simon engine. He moved cautiously along the way - he was the matronly point of view of Mrs. Johnson - and went to a bar, the two children and their partners visited often in the center of the city. " very soft", OBBen served, " not that I expected from a different monster control. " " is Sandra Teen Model now in my hands, Johnson," Simon said, "I am free to go where I I want to. " " Oh, no, " laughed Ben, affecting a squeaky voice," my mother warned me not to to get Sandra Teen Model into cars with strange men with sweets, what will me? " " O ", Simon says, grinning, " their deepest desires are met and every opening of your body poor, defenseless n be explored, and wounded by Sandra Teen Model my husband - Size Dick " " Ooh what you say, sir, " cried Ben still in 'role'. For a moment, thought Ben, more things, but now was not the time tried. In addition to all his hopes, when it came to Simon, who was fears that mattered, very busy. Will I ever be free of it order? The two boys chatted amiably about what needs Sandra Teen Model to be done before beginning of the great adventure. Their adrenaline arousal condition y time actually seems to speed by. Soon they were at the bar, along with other friendssome who were there, others who had come to celebrate the n with Simon. Despite allowing only a bottle of 'Stella ' before switching to mineral Simon enjoyed his evening. At the center the stage, after all, it was night of Simon, the boy was delighted with the good will Sandra Teen Model generated by its early success. For Ben, it seemed more perfect than the of the most desirable. If Simon was the center of attention, how to care for Ben ? By extension, his election was confirmed at right, that s had chosen the best. He was delighted Sandra Teen Model with his success, and loved the feeling that filled Simon 's attention was given to him somehow. Was not that a Simon s part of it? By the way, Ben, that's what I felt, knew his joy, and s your pain as much as yours, has not it? The only low point of the evening was when one of the girls, Rachel Shavi, one of his circle of friends involved in Simon 's lap and suggested to check your driving seat back. The Sandra Teen Model group laughed and cried Beery encouragement and suggestions are obscene, especially with regard to the famous big balls Simon s. All fears of Ben came up to the surface. Ben last, Rachel was a dark haired beauty black if there ever was one. She s also a girl, and Ben felt powerless, he could offer against feminine charms. Why do kids want to go that route ? It could offer both, I knew I could not see Simon ? The times when Simon bought a bride new was always the worst, the taste of ashes in your mouth, not a to turn over and relieve pain, the utter hopelessness of the same blood all. Then there was the ineffable joy experienced when the announcement of the break came. Simon enjoy the comfort and convenience, to ` be there " to the whole time, basically laughed, cried with joy, and dancing to the grave of a dead rival. Another s attacker defeated, fruits of victory. Simon will be for him, beside him, where he was stationed. luckily Simon looked sheepishHe does not like drinking else noticed Ben, Rachel, and had touched slightly to one side. not that Ben relaxes its vigilance. His desire to sit on Simon 's lap, rather than burned in him, and he sometimes wondered if that was not only the best way. After all, why not go out in the open ? Simple is better many times, it is ? But that was not how or knew Ben Simon. Would only to continue to suffer and I hope that next week brought resolution no. Finally, he recalled, are not they also help control and expect? Simon offered a lift to a couple of other guys and let them go home first before taking Ben back home. Ben, who was sitting in the passenger seat was hot and driven back by Simon, yes, he wanted to happen, so far no. It was time to leave the car, however, thanks to and congratulations on a good night and wanted Simon to enter home. His mom and dad were still, and then spoke a while back to sleep of retirement. Sandra Teen Model Apparently, more than 24 hours after romp with Tom. It was n Yesterday, he gets fucked for the first time ? A week ago just to find someone to talk to Simon and underwear ? Then only these the night that Simon had given his invitation to the concert next week ? Everything was a blur, so amazing, really. More exhausted emotional than anything else, he fell into bed and soon fell into a sleep. The next day at school went by quickly, but not without incident. during the afternoon break Chris Morgan, s like yesterday, was a and the two drove to a quiet corner to talk. Chris has become Saturday, visiting his sister in the University along with their parents. " I am free, in any event, on Sunday afternoon, however," said Chris threw excited, the hair from his eyes, " can you come ? Can we have a more ? Please ? " " Mmm, tough, "said Ben, his cock shrinking in thought, teen s sex with heat " whichI could really hit a family of your browser, but , perhaps, feel the need to complete my studies and later the family. You could bike and then go from there. " "Yes ! That would be great, "said Chris, " almost did not sleep for the last Saturday. I'm always thinking of us, uh, well, really for you. "N " I see, " nodded Ben, remembering that he had promised to do the right of Chris: " I also loved, above all, " take a quick look to see that nobody was around, " if you put your tongue in my ass. " " Really? " Chris asked, his eyes wide open, " You're really dig that? " " Hell, yes, Sandra Teen Model I went crazy. I'm still feeling guilty, as I downloaded the ", Ben said something apologetic. " No, I loved that part. I consider masturbation to mind, "said Chris all Husky. " Now I can save some for me, because I will be enjoyed, " Ben said with enthusiasm, knowing that happened, had Chris on Sunday to see. " Oh Thank you Ben, you're the best. " " So you keep saying, " Ben said something under pressuresure the key now hard in the pants, "You better go before I find you here on this. " left Chris black material obviously too tight tense your school pants not cargo, the acorn to cope with clearly recognizable by the tight shiny material. " I do not think you would your position as a child from head to foot," said Chris sassy, and before Ben could move Chris did not move, but to drive before the brushes queue Ben. " See you Sunday," said Chris -up, so stiff and sore Ben for a straw. The sensation of the hand of Chris in the groin had caused a stream of precum lick his shorts and felt hot and sticky. Ben was so desperate to get rid of its cargo, which, as the title toilets for himself - to carry out. However, the school bell was pointed out was the time of the last lesson on Friday was an hour info n. Picking up her purse and held it before him, to hide his crotch, he made his way to class. Fortunately, the child standardlly sat with him in the story, Jamie Reid, was absent, so that Ben could rest for at least a little. In contrast to its tail, n tried to be freed from the confines of your prison. Ten minutes in the classroom and there was Ben n would have to see his tail. Is low in his chair and spread her legs broader relaxes poor teenager left hand on the Sandra Teen Model left pocket. Although usually handed Benedict had masturbated cock snaked a left a massage on the left hand should be. The fingers soon found its way into the penis, the crest of the helmet could clearly through the thin fabric pocket lining and felt to be thin cotton underwear underneath. Pinch the tail Ben estimated that it could get hold at least a few inches - more than enough Sandra Teen Model to do, was what is needed to do. Grab the tail between the thumb and three fingers Youth easier back his foreskin. Ben felt the velvety skin slide again under the layers of material and luband began to seep Free. The young man took his index finger to stimulate the shaft and the fleshy tip of his helmet is activated with a fingernail. Ben senses were and alert for his Sandra Teen Model eyes scanned the classroom in constant vigil, as he tried to calm her breathing and body control. The teenager with long legs suddenly felt the hot and sweaty, holding his body Sandra Teen Model n eyes, trying to note, first, pleasure his cock in the other. Fortunately, he was so good, I knew it would be do not last long. In fact, the fear of discovery seemed to add something further and was ready to shoot his load on their already soaked n written. He dared to ask what seemed in my pants, I hope not that bad, no doubt his bag cover was soft and moist. With bated breath, Ben shuddered and culminated in his shorts and his hand felt hot mud wetting their pants. Milking the shaft by hand press down on the extraction the cock up of pleasure, tShe filled her hot young cotton cup. Exhale slowly making noise soon Ben relaxes account of what remained tense. His cock quickly wilted and his sperm had cooled to feel sticky and moist. He leaned back to his chair and check your pants is not so bad, he said, , obviously, his underwear and pants had fed the load is absorbed and not s were found telltale signs. God was in his heaven, the child 's head was safe and not been discovered. The lesson is finally over and met with Ben Simon walk home. It was sure I could finish pouring its cold here in his underwear, which could certainly feel it, but Simon does not seem to notice anything wrong, and Ben hopes I was imagining. Returning home and in the bathroom of the anxious teen a hastily put on his pants, to investigate the scene of his last ` crime '. Black pants to his ankles now open revealing a pair of tight red cotton s Jockey underwear during drying and Ben cum bathedprovided is theirs and wiped spotted dick Jiz. Inspired by the Clean , his insatiable cock was soon again standing proud and Ben realized that he had not yet discovered that his brother 's underpants had registered taken from him. Ben was soon running through the laundry basket and quickly found the family s what I was looking for. He held the small pair of white cotton panties for more inspection, exposing them through their fingers and try to recognize the outline of the dome of the bulge. With a keen eye and a lover of Ben keeps the schema where the bullets had embedded young he moved to the place where small axis and the package was a bundle of large pickled onion on top of their s. Flip the panties inside out, he brought the groin to the nose y mouth. Again, it was confirmed in his belief that the comments were more rather than taste like a boxer, his brother knew stronger and sharper than ever. Soon, Ben was a free hand wrapped around his cock, using his s own soaked pantiesto stimulate the lubrication of the tail group. His mouth and Cathedral explored runny nose, savoring the pungent taste, was satisfied with the sweet aroma. It was not long before the red riders were overloaded again and cum dripping on the floor in the bathroom. Cleaning Ben joined the Cathedral panties in the laundry basket again with her ​​school uniform and quickly washed his own underwear in the sink. He put moisture red riders in the oven near the water heater to dry and then pop in the basket when finished. Ben enjoyed a relaxing Friday night at his house, which would normally be the of the city, but in fact recent events had been exhausted. It took a lot of job and Sunday to rejoice with us Chris. It also decided to we really should try to jerk off next week, and less when it arrived on Friday, , and if luck was in, I would have to offer a full hot load cream Simon. Saturday morning Ben was up very early, and was soon out of their desktop sinn an essay. He liked to work in the morning and was grateful that his parents were able and generous enough to care for him without the need to work on Saturday. Sandra Teen Model Simon worked in the local Tesch on Saturday. He worked at the bar with fresh meat and Ben seemed very sexy and desirable companies seeking uniform and straw - straw hat. Ben made ​​good progress in his essay, when his mother phoned to say that The family was buying. He ran down the stairs to leave and asked his mother s dad to bring back a thin crispy pizza with ham and mushrooms. He loved to pizzas and usually had a Saturday night. The family soon left Ben returned to his studies. to about 12 Watch Ben 30 declined to set a morsel of cheese sandwich and a glass of milk and saw ` Football Focus " to television. The program had a profile of David Beckham and Ben s soon felt hot, stroking the tail in the face of the stud hot young Football in the interviews between clIPS of it in action. Since the n closes Ben decided to lead and enjoy your room a lazy idiot away before the end of your essay. At the top of the stairs, into Impulse, Ben went to the Cathedral and entered the room of his younger brother s bed. Feeling under the hands of Ben pillow found what they sought. the brother of his s - small bright white pants, who had slept in the the last week or so. Back in his room, Benedict took his bright green Adidas T and pulled his jeans and white underwear from Calvin Klein. Solution his bed, put his brother in shorts in his mouth and explored with tongue. The warmth of his mouth, released the aroma, and Ben used his hands free to caress his chest and nipples of way. His cock slowly woke up, to move from their forest, gold, Matt gracefully, and began to thick and grow, expand gently on her flat stomach. Sandra Teen Model Ben rolled to his side drew her hand on her ass, stroking her cheek and the CompanyTeasing from its hole. His cock pushed short bed while he ate his brother enjoy your youth - musk. Ben was licking his Sandra Teen Model fingers in the preparation of to the entrance of his son rang holes. Ben stood still, waiting whoever it was would leave. Unfortunately, his silent prayer is not , and rang again, more insistent this apparent time. Getting out of bed Ben took his shirt and poured o hurry in her jeans. She ran screaming : " next " and open the door, opened it, Luke, Simon recently found brother. Lucas was standing with his bicycle, his hand poised on the doorbell, which was plagued apparent when looked hot and sweaty. The 16 - year -old was less than its big brother, however, was only an inch, standing 5'8 " high as Simon Lukas had jet black hair parted in a Although his centrally by a `# 1. " At the intersection surrounded by the sides and back. Luke 's eyes were a very dark blue. His face looked soft and youthful serious adviceThe n as open and unrestricted as it always did. Like his brother Luke dressed Perfect skin in olive oil, a gift from his mother, who had a Spanish father. The teenager was pretty well built has broad shoulders, but a waist slim hopes that Ben has just grown out of Simon. Certainly his muscles were well developed and saw the boy to be fitted with something substantial between the legs. The foundation in question, clearly visible in tight black lycra pants, the hatch was wear. The shorts were coal black, clinging to every bump and ridge display a prominent mound. The whole scene is complemented by the fact that Luke wore a tight figure-hugging yellow jersey, with red and green stripes and vertical stripes, with a youthful energy and sculpted muscles. On his feet were black sandals cycling hatch and polished legs glistening with sweat and effort. " Lucas! Purely What a surprise, come on," said Ben, excited to see young boys but ask why was there still a little annoyed at his roll had interrupted. Sandra Teen Model Another part of Ben's head and wondered when he would go to n boy's house and deepen the cycle of lycra shorts probably soon end up in the laundry basket Sandra Teen Model of the family. Of all the panties that had n Lucas tried so far were the best, and thought of the short hold on cock 'n balls heated by the exercise was to look cute. " Thanks," said Lucas, a little breathless, as weighed your bike on the floor of the of Johnson. " Want a drink? Seems as if you need it," said Ben. " Of course, a large emergency room, I mean, thanks. Water would be good," said Lucas. Ben Hatch led the kitchen and took a little bottle of fresh water in the fridge. He poured a glass for the child and gave it to Lucas. The young man drank greedy, obviously, thirst, and soon had swallowed the lot. " a little more? " Said Ben. " Please. " Ben poured a Coke and sat on Sandra Teen Model the Lucas family room. two boys fell in a couple of chairs Sandra Teen Model in front of the other. Ben will automatically switch to television, it was just horse racing typical. " So Luke, I am glad to see you. What brings you here will not usually called. A commission from Simon? " Asked Ben himself. " Uh, no, actually more to do with me, I suppose, although Simons are also involved," he replied somewhat hesitantly Lucas. ", Simon said something about your family be today, and work hard, alone at home. I wanted to see, so I thought I had to take a chance and the" the child continued. Ben was talking to Simon warmed by the thought of it - it was not to forget - and was fascinated by Luke. What did the boy want? two were good, over time, Ben was often in Simon's house. He did talk a lot ways to deal with it. Why seems to want to see him alone ? What could this be? Tips thought ? Probably we will see, are we going? " Now that is happening here," said Ben, smiling, encouraging the child. "Uh, uh, well, " stammered Luke, redness of the face, looking for n words. suddenly his words in a torrent "This is my pants, Simon too. Nicking to see them, then that. " Ben was stunned, speechless, confused. His worst nightmare came true. that result was unmasked ! When Lucas saw red when looking at ? his cheeks were on fire, his mind spinning with fear, shame, and shame. Worried about Simon, he knew ? Who would have thought? You have to know the Young parents ? Oh, why, why, why I was not paying more attention, more torment disciplined Ben himself? Why did I take? Why I could not leave it there, and what if in your bathroom ? " Well? " Said Lucas, the success of s with a little more confidence with the air Ben impaled on one. " Uh, well, it's like,oh God... I do I'm sorry, " stammered Ben, in search of to the ground, tears filled his eyes. " What do you mean by 'em do? " Lucas continued. "As if I can not guess. I Am right?... Well, I am? " Ben cradled his face in his hands, feeling the hot tears flowing over his cheeks. Miserable, a hand through his hair, he still could not n to get to look at Lucas. All the world seemed to collapse as to the ears. " How did you hear ? " He asked Ben. fool, he thought, as if that matters now. " Who knows ? " He asked Ben, the fear response, preparing himself, and feeling, as if to wet it was. " No, " Lucas said, rising from a chair. n the sound of the door of the carriage causes Ben to find and watch the teen. Lucas seemed to be standing. the young nemesis, getting closer and more, his life seemed to be in the palm hand Sandra Teen Model to take. Luke crouched in Sandra Teen Model front of Ben n. Even in their misery, the largest could not record the strong smooth thighs wrapped is shown in lycra and basketball bulge slightly spread between the thigh Ben -.. cursed himself, his foolish desire dominated his penis, which was to be humbled by theHis power ? n " Ben," Luke said softly, cradling his chin more children in her soft, warm hand, forcing Ben to look deep blue eyes, "nobody knows, nobody must never know. " " Huh ? "Ben sobbed and wiped her nose, suddenly you see only the goodness in soft young, soft eyes and wondered what it might mean even more disoriented. " Ben, you idiot," Lucas said with a smile, " I'm flattered. " " do you mean? " Ben stammered his spirits rising, that is soft to the n flawless cheek before him, cupping his chin in his hand the child. " Yes, something silly like. Me, show me what you do with my pants " Lucas said that her eyes burned with an intensity, laughing : "I am doomed to die is shown me, in ` em. Read my lips. I want to fuck me ! " " Oh, Luke ! " Ben exclaimed, relief flooding through him, "Sorry, I am a deceive. I will not take, I promise. " " As if I am harassed, "said the teenager in almost despair : " How Do you think I found the first place. " n Integralsion in the face lit up the face of Ben no longer merged furrowed with despair. " Yes," said Luke nodded and laughed with relief, knowing that this was all the way to find out how he had dreamed, " I exist, my major abdominal tasty writings of his brother, if I have been convicted and discover disappeared. Then go to start my own and in support of Simon. took a while, but eventually I knew it was you. " hatch with pride as a young detective boldly beams. "How? " Said Ben still meets. " Simply, the disappearance coincided with their views. They took the stage , where I just had to see the basket before going to the bathroom and when you left, and bingo identity thief was short revealed, " Luke said, pointing at Ben. " Shit, I would have been more careful," said Ben. " Bollock that, as I ` ve known any other way? "Said Luke, eagerly, his hands Ben capture the thigh. "I do not have it all fitted for you in my newOf course, I now had I not known! " ", I thought it was new, " said Ben feel more at his old self. His cock was starting to withdraw from the movement of terror before the hands played Luke on their thighs, his hands out and stroked the hair of Luke. " I am sure that I remember you in the shorts. Me ' em I went after had `em. Sandra Teen Model " " Thank you, fuck ! " Cried Luke, moved his hands lower on the thigh of Ben Sandra Teen Model to the waist, " I thought I had the wrong man. " " No, "said Ben, shaking his head with a smile, " just a scare of her that's all. Still, I hope still life in me! " Here Ben rose from his chair and put Lucas down to the ground n. Teenager was installed on top of young people n the waiting time down for the child, Sandra Teen Model holding , thin young arms on the floor behind the head of the. hungry eyes looking at Lucas Ben whispered hoarsely, "So as you see me in action ? If the tail licking dirty in his shorts and ITSWilly ck my damn vague? " " Oh, yes, " Lucas said, barely audible, her voice cracked and hoarse. boy and was overcome with a feeling of Ben in it, I could feel his cock Ben in his jeans pressing. against his own bulge Ben Hill began to the way around Lucas Circle, tail heavy denim rub abrasively in boys dressed in lycra - cock \\ \\ n " Ahhh," Luke sighed n " Oh.. There are more, much more, my young friend. This is just the start, " Ben, to separate the child. " Let us go elsewhere and settled above. I'm the shit I put enough for one day and you never know , which could catch us down here. " Ben was transformed into self- amazed, trembling wrecks to sex - crazed overweight teenagers, all in seconds. To think only the other day n I was worried that friendship is possible with Chris Morgan Lucas n may lead Sandra Teen Model to their discovery. knew the little bastard ! But he did not Simon said, and would be eternally, not just for Bengrateful mind, but he make sure he was Luke's experience of his young life. Ben smiled again by the ironies of life, the uncertainty of their wonderful amazed wonderful discoveries. " starts with us? I like the sound," said Luke fights his way out of the down Sandra Teen Model his erection clearly visible, as it turned out of his obscene shorts. " I despise," said Ben. "What? " N "All that shit about his little penis," said Ben. " They are certainly hatch containers. No need to ever feel too shy. " Lucas smiled at the compliment and went upstairs behind Ben just want his hero and Please enter your best, you come in this new world. When Ben entered the room was relieved to see that his short Don the edge of the bed away from the door disappeared. That was a case of Pandora, you definitely should not be opened. " Oh, wow," Lucas shouted with youthful enthusiasm. "Are these yours? " Asked previously discarded Ben van CK from the ground. "I've been die in my hands a couple. There are very cool, sexy. I can ` em ? Please ? All's fair that I had, " Lucas said, pressing the material in the sexiest cheek looking than ever. " Hey, you only pay. Well, fair enough, you can borrow mine. In addition to his face, "said Ben flopping on his bed. " I know, " Lucas said, " I think I do I buy a pair ! " " Cheeky cunt, " Ben laughed and patted the bed beside him," We want to see if you can win ` em. "N Lucas did not need to be encouraged and jumped to lie in bed with Ben. Benedict XVI used the term ' passive ' lay down their arms and returned with the right of his s, first found and then grabbed Dom Short was thrown in the center of the bed. Ben studied the eager young teens crouched beside him in bed. was Luke in a new light. not only was clear, he knew even , which, it seemed that his physical precocity was accompanied by her emotional to maturity. messing with style projects were CKnln clutching his chest Lucas Ben said, " is what the core values. " "I know," said Lucas, " but that's the closest thing I " \\ \\ n " Be my guest," said Ben, pushing your hips off the bed. With a look of astonishment CK Lucas launched the one hand, and reverently placed his right hand on Ben dressed in jeans cock. Putting his head gently on Ben the stomach of the child to explore the tasty looking package, the finger gently tracing the outline of the meat was throbbing radiant heat underneath. Ben played with the hair of Luke, a sigh of satisfaction on the lips, the hair feeling silky and flexible top and sexy short brush in the back and sides. from a few inches from the lump looked huge, and Luke was sure to we have seen, the weakest traces of odor. Ben 's cock was, of course, swollen for free under the jeans and full capacity and the weight jeans to appear swollen and full. The soft touch of the finger pads and soft pulling and tugging at its CBen 's cock was leaking precum and some beads ock small pearly white cream was born. Pushing through the denim, shone in the blue, the attention of Luke, the boy leaned forward to lick it. Ben shivered and moaned his appreciation. feeling daring, jeans unbuttoned the young boy in question, see the treasures below. He approached almost blinded by the steel can be spiral valve that caused all slippery and wet jeans, red and hot. " Fuck," said Luke. "I did not expect that you thought would be sexy kit " " I was, my CK is! " Ben said somewhat defensive : "I had my cock in hand rang the door! " " Ah, that explains why the CK motherfucker still hot hot. However, s they look good and ready "and with that Lucas put his lips in the soft silk Ben 6 - ½ inch penis. The young man had never tried before Hahn and felt overwhelmed by the experience. I Sandra Teen Model had no pre-cum, he met and was amazed at his texture and FLavour, the promise of most beautiful things he to come. Although Lucas had only eaten the fleshy bulb, apparently with a mouthful tap. How I can get it all in, he wondered ? The texture was amazing, so soft and flexible in their language is still investigating the spongy surface was hard rock. " Argh, jeeze... beware! His teeth damn ! " Ben shouted wringing of the Sandra Teen Model pain and joy of enthusiasts Lucas, if somewhat clumsy first attempt to fly. One thing, at least, thought Ben was confirmed verbally by Luke ministrations. Nick, Chris and Tom had learned everything sucks cock before Ben 's head. They were easy as fish in water taken. " Oops, sorry," said Lucas turn a little shyly, looking around at Ben, in spite of himself, smiling like a cat that had got the cream. " OK," said Ben disheveled hair of the child, "just take it easy. From lick slowly for the first time why not a little, get a feel for them? " n "It is only -" began Lucas. " I know," Ben interrupted,"It was like that for me the first time. I only wanted to eat, fuck too! Here, let me out of my jeans. You to work in the balls, if you will... that's it ? " "Sure ! "Lucas said, pulling jeans by Ben three times, threw them Sandra Teen Model to the bedroom floor. Ben spread her legs so Lucas fluffed full access to his throbbing manhood and gold balls. The young man was soon at work, soaping his cock `n with spit balls and lust. Lucas had started more carefully this time. He started at the tail - head let her swirl around the tongue of meatballs and the leaves of the piss - slot, and your taste buds pre -cum on tickles Ben spicy. The language followed by the crest of the helmet and continues along the hard shaft, his cockroaches cause push back the foreskin. Ben shook his head and his cock was filtered juice more. Hold the shaft with his lips slowly slid Lucas drooling along the axis of bathing in the warm flesh. However, it Sandra Teen Model is difficult to find his fortune Benedict extended itsUndoubtedly the ass lycra dress Lucas. The cheeks Sandra Teen Model of hot teens n felt heavy and hot in tight black material. can buy difficult, the discovery of his sweaty hands, not an ounce of spare parts to access waiting, stroking the sweet young Ben cheeks and rubbed his fingers on the - ass crack. Lucas allegedly admitted he based his legs open for extending Ben and explore the treasure of the child. His hand came shortly in contact with the basket full of children. The throbbing cock in the swollen stretched Lycra shivered at his touch. Ben was in the details, which surprised could feel through the fabric of light. Details of the penis and testicles were clearly visible, and it was a thick vein pulsing sensation a along the axis. Ben used his left hand to serve to take to hatch in the ass and the right of his s for the care of the stock of children. The sensation of the hands and fingers slipping and sliding on the lycra and the meat was exhilarating entirely to speak of the superb receive his balls now. Lucaswho had previously reached deep pink ball, found that they were very full and round and surprisingly warm to the touch. They tasted hot sweaty flesh and his nose is filled with the smell of Ben. Lucas fought to be with all threw ready for your senses - the taste of the his penis first explore the sense of Benedict in his lycra. accumulated pleasure took him wild. You feel more confident Sandra Teen Model and relaxed, Lucas moved back to the top of Ben 's cock. Slow to remember to cover teeth with your lips, seized the fleshy axis and absorbed by the first two inches. " Hmm, better much better," growled Ben. "Now relax and let it slide down in his throat. Breathe through your nose and do not worry, soon you will get the hang of it. " Nodded Lucas holding Ben in his mouth and turn a little, feeling the throbbing tool slides down the throat. Ben slowly pushed the head of the teenager to play later and was delighted when he felt, the hot air from the nostrils to Luketheir eggs. Luke felt suffocated, but Not that he panicked when he learned that millions of people had done and tentatively makes his way back to the flat bar and then down. Youth eagerly seeks the removal of lubricating oil flowing from the tail of Ben, his tongue gently around the hose productive. Everything should be as delicious little surprised that the teenager. He had not expected , so that secrete saliva, and he was in the thick slime mixture of n with. Pre - filled and flooded his mouth with the stomach of Ben Lucas filling the air with slurping and sucking sounds guttural do satisfaction. bend your ass Ben Lucas was the head steady and began to put the tail in soft short bursts in the mouth moist and warm. Increasing speed, began to from the mouth of teen feel his cock push deep shit the boy the throat. The first attack of joy trembled in his balls and shouted : " I'll shoot. " " Urrg " Lucas grunted, if only in appreciation and recognitiontion Benedict XVI could not say. It was too late, as its tail - head broken Sandra Teen Model out and sprayed his hot thick Cream in the child's throat. Ben Lucas had heard, but the paralysis of indecision, he did nothing, except continue sucking. He felt a sudden chill and panting Ben and fingers pushed his head a little lower it further in the older children. His nose was spin on the balls of Ben, and he could swear I felt the liquid empty into them, running in his throat was filled cum n. In a fit of panic a little, for fear that could choke the handle was released Luke Ben Ben queue and expelled. feel Sandra Teen Model deceived and overcome by a sense of right as Ben, flew around his penis and with a hold of Luke 's head with his left hand, pointed his cock in the \\ \\ n young in the face and sprayed her cum. The hot liquid sprayed treacly everywhere, Ben straw to his Raging erection. Lucas, eyes wide open to the view of the cock which comes from Ben, his mouth and felt a wave of Ben generously flavored mPepper ILK throat and tried to swallow, lick and still receive more all at the same time. His left eye suddenly stung like a small ball of Sandra Teen Model sperm in it, and dropped the nose and chin dripping over them. The speed and frequency of feeding suddenly disappeared and Luke chance to open his right eye to see Ben 's fist wrapped by the tail and a splash of cum that comes down from the fingers. Luke licked his hand and Sandra Teen Model put his tail in his mouth again sucking and licking, eager to extract all of its embers have offer. Milk heady pungent taste wonderful, much better than the. Why the hell did I not only drink this? Lucas thought he wanted, he done better. " Mmm," complained Ben happy, threw his arms in bed, relaxing in post- ejaculatory heat, " which is good, much better than what I was saying. " n Desiring to Sandra Teen Model encourage the child, he continued: "This is the sharpest blow job I've had. thanks. " " bitch ! " Lucas said, sittingand turned to the most boy, his face and hair dye their sperm. When Ben saw the smiling boys all hot and flushed a drop of sperm fell off his chin. " Come here and let me clean," said Ben pulls the youth at the top him. Lucas tenderly kissed his own sperm taste the sweet red lips, and two boys exchange saliva and semen, and played as explored in other languages ​​. With the heady mix Lucas could taste the milk and cheese, before Ben snack, and he put his hard meat in children older so on an empty stomach and tail. hands Ben celebrated young sweet ass lycra and was impatient to queue grind on it. He wiped the face of the young lama, taste, and his semen n a child playing with the thin spine reveling in the silky feel of the cycling to slip on the skin and muscles. Hold the child firmly, finished cleaning the nose and chin, he turned to Ben and Luke are over-represented positions n he, in the upper teens. " Well, let me show you what I do with andour underwear, " Ben said lasciviously. " Mmm, " Lucas shivered, barely able to control himself, now the desired finds the time had come. Ben was in the hot sweat body must enjoy the views. seemed that teens the energy bowl, pushed the moisture in the groin of Ben front black material only served to illuminate the scene on n. Lucas and had a healthy six-inch Ben Hahn said, and hull mold was clearly visible. was as if the black stuff not even exist. the large vein that had been before and could see the balls good. not only was the child in the queue are good, but the ball were very similar to its big brother, big and fat and are looking for, since it must support some large. Now, he is still a growing child thought Ben, smiling. wonder what package their parents? Ben thought for a moment. the Sandra Teen Model older teen put his hands on his chest to feel its softness close hatch n and under the rigid nipples filmy yellow bike jacket. Swings down kissed her nipples through the thin fabric and choked on the teeth to overcome both young men in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Lucas had never considered that her nipples can make it fun and could not explain the feelings in your body piercing. Seeing the boy was at a distance with her nipples worked on Ben took the wheel and pulled vest of it in one motion. His work reveals a uniform impeccable torso. two nipples furious was dark chocolate and olive skin ripe for choose. The teenager was well muscled, 6- pack, he was shown Benedict was certainly more advanced than ours. The delicious and fine stomach disappeared in a valley between the twin Sandra Teen Model peaks of ribs much visible and pelvis. The river meanders through the valley of the source of the is the navel was a river and wavy black hair that grew as it flowed in the the delta of a healthy black pubic hair. Ben could not see the black forestas of the Iron Sandra Teen Model Curtain carbon black lycra hid from view. He had no doubt that was there, but I had seen this particular model. is so much like his brother, Ben thought, a piece of his mind to the reality , another more than happy with his replacement. No, this is just thought, Lucas is not a substitute, he is beautiful and desirable in itself the law. God, things were more complicated, he thought. However, it was does not deny that the thought of Simon's younger brother had a shit more irritable than usual. If this is the side that he would never do a that this is its objective, and let the devil take the rest he said. a This thought nipples furiously attacked Lucas rolling in his teeth, bite and bite, suck and lick. Young shouted to mercy - asking for more. Sweat dripped from the man makes his body shine y shine. Enough of the nipples, her mission accomplished, Ben licked his flat stomach, smooth salty Pausing briefly to dig the navel with his tongue before his goal. Located between St. Luke Ben legs covered her face with lycra bulge and slid his hands under the boy , to include juicy Sandra Teen Model ass. " Oh, yeah... fuck yeah! " Complained as Ben Lucas formed his hill. Soon, the pants were soaked in drool or saliva soaked as the fleshy Ben s cock and balls. His nose breathing smoke odor and taste in the mouth young sweet meats. The material was still dark, saturated, and the cock s throbbed and bulged provocatively in his bag. Ben was chewing on the from mushrooms and chop on the shaft. Although held in prison -lycra The balls were tied and beaten by Ben- language expert. hands Lucas played with sandy blond hair and called Ben Ben. The child had never felt such exquisite pleasure, not a roll had been so rapture. The feeling of warm breath and the language you are working on their sexy short was awesome, bitch ! Ben Johnson, licking my cock, it s thought, ornbelievable. God, how I wanted this, dreamed of straw to him self silly over it. Discover the stolen panties, so plans. Obtaining short, the Guardian, today's decision. Then begin the terrible , had screwed? Then, finally, the damned, full compliance Coming down with the best friend of his older brother was wild. visualization tools for young people to turn Ben began his attack on the seductive ass. Luke legs spread wide, and offered her ass as s I expected was a real power. He need not worry about their juicy cheeks have been taken to show its best face on the boundary of lycra. Ben back sat between her legs and licked his soft systematic shorts. It also found that boys resistant material in the drive crack with his tongue, so use your fingers instead. He licked the two crescent and nibbled on them before they stop sliding pants down smoothly on the thigh. While completely panted Ben s of npectacle seen both cheeks of bubbles, pink, which is was put down by the tongue. The backs of the legs were a little girl sparsely covered with hair black, which are gone down because the olive oil soft inner thighs. Plan of the boys was also slightly fuzz and forgiven tight brunette seemed to blink, as if in recognition. " Beautiful, just beautiful Lucas, " admired, Ben. " Really? What is it? My butt ?... Do you like my ass? " Said Luke something amazed. " Oh, yes I do," laughed Lucas. "Here, I 'll show you. " The resignation of Ben preliminary hot dipped in the ass kids snakes around the tongue to lick the crack dirty child. Ben was forcing the astonished , which ran through the body of Luke. As energy -.. bolt through that s of adolescence was almost out of bed, strong pungent flavor of children hole made your mouth water, " Argh, ah, ah, ah. shit.. " exclaimed the excited girl, not believe what had happened, the feeling ofThe language in the secret place is unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Despite its raging erection almost pissed. Lucas Sandra Teen Model had never really thought before vague, as that anyway. Sure, you fuckin 'em and they looked pretty, but what? " She licks my ass to ass fucksake " exclaimed Lucas. " So? " Said Ben, laughing and mouth reluctantly took off set by the tasty food before. Ben was the glorious absurdity of fun Sandra Teen Model all. It was like a scene from a farce, carrying on a conversation set while a child between the buttocks ! " Should I stop ? " He added. " Err, no, fuck ! " Cried Luke, " It's just, well, you suck rear. It is as serious or what? God, what to try What, What about the shit? " " Hmm, I 've noticed that you are not careful to clean the ass sometimes, " said Ben gently mocked, recalling his experiences with the writings Luke. " Hey, s'not fair!" Lucas exclaimed. "Quiet, " Ben laughed, "Okay, really. I'm just kidding. Not your as bad as you think your... oh, I dunno, just tastes good, sexy as real and Sandra Teen Model feel it is just great. You do not like? " " No, Sandra Teen Model it's just awesome is how I never really thought about it before, and -. " The Lost Child lame. " I know, but the best part is a pleasure for me to know what is. Someone told me recently, and I'm still fun to, "said Ben memory of Chris expert tongue and wait until tomorrow. " Look Lucas, "he said softly," just relax. You are here have a incredibly hot body, and I want to enjoy the surroundings. " OK," said Lucas, redness, or overwhelmed with shame that kept Ben ` hot for him," "Me and my big mouth, sorry. " intelligent, and like his older Sandra Teen Model brother was the science -oriented, Lucas only to be yours. He was always concerned investigating. He came through the experience of , analyzed and assimilated, and then proceeded. sex was the discovery was different. vomited on experience and thought later. "No need to apologize, you Sandra Teen Model are doing bloody wonderful," said Ben, gently kisses of a firm hard buttocks, catching the boy's devotion, feeling the body to relieve him. "It's my fault," said Ben, "you need to blow his load. " Ben realized that Luke relax again would be run, I knew it was something like the nature of the child, know that your questions hidden fears and anxieties. that was dissolved in order to wash in a flood of hot creamy boy - Mumm. The idea that it , I can eat my ass, even before holding it. emergency, turn to youth, Ben began preparations to fix situation. As expected, Lucas, a lush black bush and a good n possession of six inches thick cock, standing proud and stiff through two large ripe supported balls. " Hmm, well, my first bit of the tail cut, " muttered Ben, with a term that is lifted from the Internet to examine the child circumcised penis. The dark pink helmet lay naked before him, the thick cable vibrant red, dark skin along the shaft. I should have known, he thought. way seemed every detail of the tail through the lycra, lack of pre -cum as well. Let's see how it tastes. Ben kissed the tip of the penis and licked down the shaft, finally, taste spicy meat body, previously only laughed at him, stole his essence, until then, only through the tissue of the boy called underwear. Luke flinched when Ben kissed and licked her painfully hard erection. Getting wet cock and drooling all over, Ben, and drooled over hefty balls. He immersed himself in the mouth ate his n flavor to meat and then stuffed with the help of the fingers of the other in thought of him - himself as a baker, baking hot balls and load in the furnace of his mouth. Luke shrugged and suggested to the bed. Benedict XVI, catching the girl Sandra Teen Model was approaching, slipped on his lips the fleshy crown of the dark and got into the groove. In a move that devoured n the thick Hot Boy - tap the full and complete tickle nostrils soon filled essence pubic smoke. marveling at Ben swallowed, tail produce unexpected pleasures in the renovated house cramped and damp, pointing his cock rammed his youth. Taking think of Ben's head, turned and twisted his body to the ground n the older youth in bed. Weight transfer on the face of Ben, who fucking without thinking open the desperate heat, the burden of his release of fire shit. Benedict was beaten and tried to break through your breathing to relax crushed nose, like the bones of the pelvis and balls on his chin. Anger Lukas verbal assault, could not last and the cream of the accumulated dam hot crashed running through his cock and hit the older teen s throat. Located between the bed and the child, Ben was able to receive only. the scalp bitten by the tufts of hair gripped by clenched fists, his eyes watered his face was covered with thick hot juice overflowed its n lips. Lucas produced stunning studs hot cum, bullets work o overtime, over timelive around the ring they had promised. The young go buck shit and feverishly pumping plenty of streams salty sperm. " Take it," he shouted as he slammed Ben battered lips, "Fuckin 'take ', as he slammed again overloaded in the hole with cock and cum. "Shame on you, um," Ben growled, trying to swallow, mouth and throat tingling as the cream of rich strong shot at it. feel the violence of the eruption progressive decline of chewing noisily Ben in the tail and licked and enjoyed everything he had to offer, drainage poison of lust. Lucas had collapsed on top of Ben, sweating, his chest swelled with irregular respirations short, their energy expenditure. After Luke and realized that s the environment, not the ecstasy of her first meeting called orgasm. The sound of Ben continues to work on it was shown that the old boy drooling over the bone marrow of sticky discharge. Was music to the ears of his s. He was dealing with someone who, finally, Ben Johnson, no less. A Weight SEeMed have their shoulders dropped and he could not wait continue to explore and discover new incredible adventures. those of the previous uncertainties were discharged in the flood of semen that was tied around his neck Ben , had his doubts resolved in the explosion of orgasm. Aware of the poor Ben Lucas still remember the girl stood up and dropped into the his back on his side. Fortunately, Ben rolled down the boy snuggling up to his s head on the pillow warm soft belly hollow. The spell is broken The two teenagers had been there for some time, recovery of consuming it all the cruelty of time. " Well," said Ben, " what do you think ? " " Err, only better," said Lucas struggling to put into words what I felt, " was hell amazing. Thanks Ben, Sandra Teen Model thank you. " " Now that you're something, "said Ben, intimidated, still feels the vehemence whore face Lucas. "I thought I was going to die impaled on his s cock, " he chuckled. " No," said Lucas, now more confident and secure, " more like drugWNED in my cum hope. " " This, too, "admitted Ben, " still, when I return, I get about good job in the butt? " " Of course I can not wait, "said Lucas, " but it hurt? "Your old car, with its all questions, not entirely defeated. " Hell, yes ! When I caught the first time ( there was once so away, but Ben has decided not to complicate things - you rang worldly wisdom, thought ) I thought my ass was on fire. But then, after a as a wild, very hot. It also made me cum. " " Without touching the fat? "Luke looked a little incredulous. N "Wow ! " He said upon receiving an acknowledgment of Ben," cool. " " No, Hot, Hot In any case, " said Ben, " let me show you. " Awakening himself, the great gilded youth standing between the legs of Lucas y capture toned slim legs pushes the child's knees to his ears. She buried her face in children exposed ass - crack. the fleshy dark Rosebud tense, the language was open to drilling. He stationbbed small hole Dark and his tongue shot out of bed to fall into Virgin territory. Luke grimaced as hot tongue deeply investigated in right. The thought of the School Head Boy Dirty Boy licks his hole suddenly seemed seductive, sexy, and the adolescent uses his hands to help, closing. Benedict had decided that instead of licking, focusing shit in the mouth, wonderful sculpted ass. His tongue is pushed again and again deeply in the child, sending him spearing, shake bolts pleasure with the body shaking. The strong oily flavor complements the fragrance s Sandra Teen Model that filled his nostrils. Hungry he was chewing on my ass, eat Luke uses his hidden treasure. Lucas shook and moaned stimulus, has bound itself to open and let Ben run free. " Wait a minute, again in a month," said Ben, his face suddenly withdraw from the opening cast. Ben got out of bed and ran to his room with his parents, his entry bathroom soon found he wanted. He ranNo in-room the small bottle of hand lotion from her mother pressed against his chest. to remember to buy something for Friday, she thought, hoping and thinking Sandra Teen Model Simon. " We need some Sandra Teen Model lube," he said, waving the bottle in his hand when he return to his room to spread the vision of a glazed look, as Ben Cross San Andres his bed. laid back in bed, the bottle is unscrewed. Lucas went without asking knees in their ears, they keep it with your hands. Ben cast some oil on your fingers and then carefully poured directly the child is an asshole. " Hmm, " articulated Luke gasped, her body lying on the cold oil invading his hole burning. Ben makes his index finger into the child pushing slowly but insistently to the ankles resting against young flesh wrinkled. Lucas Wall with joy in this new survey, more profound. You are correct that is great, s thought. Soon a second finger appeared glazed in its opening statement, and relaxed Lucas Load. Upon entering the fat Lucas took his place muscle ass, pulling him deeper and deeper into it. Meanwhile, Ben had found the child prostate and the two boys watched in silence amazement, shrugged his shoulders as Lucas 's cock in time with the pace of Ben poll. hot virgin ass was incredibly tight and Ben makes finger into the tunnel sticky. Lucas pushed further back, to promote openness in the ass with which he played the muscles and prepare them for the coming invasion. Lucas Hahn suggested in his nose and was writhing in pleasure as oil dripping from her ass, tickling the back that flows down as his body. Ben puts his finger on a healthy ` pop ' and pour a little oil in the rubber fingers brushed his penis was painfully erect, as requested, it s, to be released. His tumescence of 6 inches and a half seemed sniffing young Lucas - pussy and made an effort to free himself, pulled tight foreskin the faucet -. resigned his natural lubricant shit head enjoyment Anxious s first ` first Cherrand ' suddenly realized that his position shiny button in the muddy hole open. " Now we are going slowly. If you love me any more than I want. Promise," said Ben look carefully Lucas. Lucas was stunned by the ass on fire with deep longing, to nod. Ben gently eased his rosebud in the wrong boy stood for a while, letting the child is feeling. Sampling of the teenager, she relaxed a bit of pressure more and was surprised when his golden shaft pushed in the ass dream close to its grip. Ben stopped feeling surprised. Lucas was, sucked natural. Although it was burned when her ass was penetrated at first, but it was long and Benedict was kind to him, Luke thought. Then, when Ben was Lucas pushed felt itself merges with the steel shaft. It seemed so of course, very nice. Her ass was full of cock and loved it. that felt - as a whole. Before he was somehow incomplete, only he had not known it. That was so - so right, no other word for it. asBen leaned on it felt her ass full of life polishing prick and tingle at the touch of peach ball Ben. With the exception of the miracle, because, apparently, put two inches of Ben y slid slowly forward again. The child petal unfolds before him, amazing. No resistance simply hugging a cock exquisite feel the boy seemed to suck his cock inches melt tense muscles Nestled among youth Hot, Ben realized that it was more a case of putting more to give. Lucas had cried almost to Ben when he took his pleasure of tools. How could he leave me? He had discovered an insatiable hunger, a need burn. Its itchy penis for him on many trips, but have Despite what this moment had come, would never leave. feeling as if he was there and could be dissolved in younger children Ben forced to start over. By an act of will, he pulled his cock bubble boiling hole. Overcoming the resistance to their syrupy that thered get enough cock and grabbed the boy's legs shoved deep n him. Luke moaned "Fuck me, Ben, fuck my ass " Soon a metronome rhythm led collegiate athlete sexy him -. including to and from the young teenager - Stud of heavenly ass. His balls ached under their relentless beats, discordant with excitement in his bag hit n. Sweat dripped from sprayed Ben drops out of your hair infusion Lucas, his breathing became uneven and animal grunts escaped clenched teeth. ' More, more, fuck me more, " said Lucas, rocking with sweat soaking the body the beds of his penis and testicles and weighing in a frenetic arc above of her smooth belly. His itching entrenched, buried deep within him, and is unknown as yet, asked Ben sheet may be scratched. ' R - R - Speed ​​Mass, " said Ben, he implored the last reservoirs of Energy. Sounding a visceral scream that pierced the young teenager with all his current , on tiptoe, threw all his weight and strengthin children. that is embedded in the virgin ass and his body is filled with intense joy, his thick load shot scalding perfect tight hole. The feeling that Ben explosion, heavy cream on his shot steam fried ass pulverized caused Lucas to shake and writhe. His throbbing own s Hahn said and spat child smoking - cream. Sex in motion ball pistol shot of heavy cream around the hatch, splashing in the chest -facial, spray the pillow and sprayed the top of pine. Ben collapsed in a heap on top of Lucas passed, and the youngest boy held it firmly and hugged him, kissed the crown of the head. The two boys pushed and spilled into the pool of smoky Lukes still runs. Ben 's tail wrapped slid within the scope of Luke and the older boys kissing teen hair before dropping the child's torso. The two were side by side look at students apparently bedroom Ben ceiling still be seen in reality, far above these earthly bounds. After Sandra Teen Model a while, LukeBen choked kiss, " Thanks," he said, "you're great. " " Thanks to you too," said Ben Ben chewing his lower lip. " Or are we going to Thanks to his pants ? Finally, are what we have here. " " In fact," laughed Lucas. " In my pants! " " I'm very glad it was you, Ben, you are dead sexy. Do I have to be the happiest child in school," said Lucas. " Uh, thanks, you're not so bad yourself," said Ben, "and it sucks ! " " Hmm, " Lucas laughed, blushing, " did I enjoy it, I have to say. " Ben, but I still had things weighing on his mind and, despite almost - I to him, the question had to do. " You will not say, however, you are Simon ? " Asked Ben, suddenly tense and to get attention. " Simon does not ! Shit!" Lucas said something surprising. " As if I 'm going to say a no. " It was Lucas at the time when he considered his older brother as a kind of pain. Well, of course, he slips the straw to his brother, but that was more by taste and feeling than anything else. Not even feel like his brother,. Well, the reason for the occasionand takes hold of some. bound to chew in his hey brother, Big Dick, but often there was Simon and Simon, brother of s. End of story, period. Like Simon and Ben that he knew that the best friends for the love of God, as Simon said. Is it believed that Ben was fat ? Unless... " I do not like yer my brother? " Lucas challenged, turning to look at Ben. Ben could only nod and look at the boy left nipple, taking his eyes. He wished he could have done away the suggestion of laughter or light , but could not. " I understand, I guess, " Lucas offered tentatively, " S'COOL. " The small catch in the voice of the boy did not go unnoticed by Ben. " So, do you want ? " Ben asked, recovering a little. Lucas reeled off some names, all well known and loved for Ben too. " I like girls too," Lucas said, timidly, and he recited a a few names, this time for girls. Ben knew some of the names, but another past him. Although do not tell a couple of girls underhis friends were all in the form 6. It was the only name that really knew n, further down the school was a guy who caught his eye, " But there is another person, someone special, I'm right ? " Challenged n Ben and Luke looked straight in the eye, of course, would be entitled to one. " Well, uh, yeah, you're right, there's someone I like. It is simply dass.. Oh, never going to happen to your dun'no " said Lucas. " Who is it? " Ben asked, gently stroking the thigh Sandra Teen Model of the young teen. " Chris, Chris Morgan. Did not say it ! Never told anyone until now," Lukas. " Chris Morgan " Ben exclaimed. God, I blush, she thought ? " leaves are not so surprised, really well," said Lucas Sound somewhat offended, defensive. " No, ah yes, I mean, sure, he 's great. A very nice boy, Luke, I have found him to me. Good for you," said Ben regains his composure. jeeze, believed to be close to Ben. Imagine if he knew where he tomorrow? Damn, Chris and Luke! Images, sensations flooded through the head Ben, Chris 's tongue probing her frantic face fuck, beautiful Lucas receptive ass. God, they were made ​​for each other, he said. And I'm on the way. How will realize Chris Hatch, if he is still behind me ? determined to play the role of the matchmaker, he suddenly found himself instead of the temptation to ask Ben a question. " D' yer Why say it's not going to happen to Lucas? " " Oh, I dun'no " the boy said, sounding defeated, " is only that.. We mix well the same circles, but never seem to get along. I say the wrong thing o accursed, or him, and we will fight and argue. " shakes head sigh, Lucas continued. " He drives me wild Fuckin Ben, who is so hot and I definitely want CP n continue with it when I see my stomach just feels sick and -. " He stopped out. " S'okay, I understand," said Ben, "you are too is likely to be very nervous, n key, so when we are together, do not. You have ever had stay? " Lucas shook his head : " How could I, I mean - " " This is my pointLucas thinks of inviting you to say, he will know that you to continue with it. Remember, this obviously is not easy for you that he " wanted offered to Ben that could take your own advice to heart. is not it, we see other people's problems more easily, Ben thought ? knew what Luke thought it was the same for Simon. no need for Luke to make the same mistakes, right? Plus Ben knew that Chris was definitely do not be intimidated by the idea of ​​sex with another guy. Well, if I can just being together... " Look," said Ben, "Simon is absent on Friday night. Why not invite Chris over right? Go to the movies or the center of the school, the two of you, things could be better. How to Lose you know? " " Hmm, "Luke nodded, though the sound than anything else convinced that" the two have slept a other friends, but never invited me to his. " " Have you ever asked him, right? " " Uh, no. " " Exactly, " Ben said, " Try it, at worst, it can be cop an eyeful when he is preparing for bed. " " Tstreet, "enthused Luke: " I love to see it in PE and when they would sleep n our colleagues, I always Sandra Teen Model get into my sleeping bag first, so I can ask first , and play with my erection. " Ben laughed the boy had the same experience as yours. N " can be considered, we will prepare first, so you can see out. You're a hottie himself " Luke, Benedict encouraged. only it were that easy, I thought it n it and tried not to me anywhere with Simon. " Well, I'll ask. Thanks Ben, you're the best, " Lucas smiled, feeling confidence more after their first sexual experience after this conversation with the big boys. Lucas, almost shy Ben kissed her on the cheek. Ben looked at the clock 00 hours was 03. Suddenly aware that his family could hand, and was eager to clean her room. " Great " said Ben, " go Sandra Teen Model for it. However, only the Sun think it's best clean and make your legs better. " " OK, " Lucas said cheerfully, " there are no problems but really thanks for all that Sandra Teen Model Ben it was great. " " Equalhere, "said Ben get out of bed. was decided that the clothes should be washed, and the pillowcase as well. was sprinkled with dried Lukes runs. had them in the washer -Pop machine for example, and his mother, who had spilled a drink. only minor expenditure without problems. Lucas wiped the head of pine, thick sperm counts leave stains faded into the wood. " Oh, shit, look," cried Luke, "Sorry Ben. " " Hmm, " said Ben Wood review " which is dry, and if not, I think, I'll remember something that has, " he laughed. \\ \\ n " also do not forget," said Luke CK Ben turned n. "Of course," said Ben, " I'll pick 'em a week. " The two boys quickly took me out, choose something simple white Ben cotton underwear in the drawer. Was not Luke lycra cycling shorts so bad the shiny black leather most part of the mess. Peel the quilt, the two guys from top to bottom. " Have you ever with him? "Said Lucas. " Who, " asked Ben, suddenly care. " Simon OF course, "said Lucas. " No, " Ben said, relieved that he had thought that the younger boy had wanted Chris. " Generally, my brother is stupid sometimes. He does not know what is lack, "he said Lucas. " Uh, yes, "said Ben, I did not get into it. " Oh, "continued Lucas cheerfully, "was the best of luck anyway, to do with good. Maybe you just loose, "he laughed. " Uh, thanks, "said Ben, " Thanks for everything, please let me know how you do with Chris. " " Sure, " said Lucas, " I'll look around, no doubt. " " Yes, certainly, "said Ben leaned over to kiss her. " Next, "he said, playfully slapping the ass tight lycra, " out with that Before the hot ass of yours. " " And I can get my lips round that big cock of yours, " Lucas laughed, squeezing Sandra Teen Model his cock Ben through his jeans. the two boys pecked each other on the lips and exchanged farewell. Taking his bike Lucas went to the door. Ben opened the door and watches in the teen vacation in the end beautiful sitting in the saddle. that saw Lucas rode down the avenue. Luke turned and waved. Ben nodded to hand, and waited until Lucas turned the corner. Closing the door that was against the wood, and sighed. He had just learned an important lesson and that to be more careful in the future. The memory of his bowels turn to ice when Lucas confronted him had not forgotten. Like Lucas, also had sex been great, and he was obviously in many of the things I liked Sandra Teen Model Ben as well. However, he felt he could do without additional complications. that I decided to try his back gently Chris - and themselves against the n Lucas. Another part of it, however, involves the treatment of an incredible n threesome with two teenagers. True to his love of brother was anything, can not be denied ! To Shaking his head and smiled at him yes n Ben Sandra Teen Model - lead in the kitchen to wash dirty linen in the pop washer. I returned to work better with Ben thought that, like the washing -machine began his cycle, or you really have to stay and study tomorrow. He planned to to get a seed, and I had to see Chris. The idea that the name of the language teen rubbing guts had nothing to do with to understand. The business concluded Ben, his face twisted into a sexy smile. stairs, soon replaced Cathedral slip under the pillow and let until assayed. It was a big surprise for later when his master realized that was not the second half of the first fulfilled the promise. Should I continue ?
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